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Conduct & Dress Code.


Dress Code.

Fetish Ball encourages participants to dive into their wildest fashion fantasies. Latex ponies? Bondage bunnies? Leathered clergy? If you’ve got it, we want to see it! Fetish Ball has a strictly enforced “no effort, no entry” dress code policy. Guests will not be admitted wearing street clothes so dress to impress!

Recommended: Latex, Rubber, Vinyl, Leather, Metal, PVC, Corsets, Uniforms, Drag, Fursona, Cyber, Sci-Fi, Fetish, Gothic Formal

Gentleman: We do allow dark (prefer black) suits

Barely Acceptable: Black & Blah, Regular suits, Club Dresses

Unacceptable: Street Clothes, Jeans/denim, T-Shirts, Button Downs, Business Casual, Sneakers, Sandals, Fascist Insignias of any kind

If you’d like to make sure your erotic ensemble fits the dress code please contact us.

Please take note

Conduct Code.

While we regret the necessity of a conduct code, we expect all attendees to adhere to the following guidelines:

Consent is sexy.

Absolutely no exposed genitalia.

Absolutely no sex, simulated or otherwise.

No photography. Please consider the privacy of all participants when capturing memories on your cell phone camera. You can visit our photo booth or have your image immortalised by one of our staff photographers.